IMA Win and Virtual Events

We are thrilled and honored to announce that our song "Believe" won the Vox Pop Award in the Independent Music Awards in the Adult Contemporary Category! Friends, how are you? How are you feeling? How are you holding up? I am thinking about you and praying that...

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Passover 2020 Greeting

Dearest Friends, On Passover, every year, we read that we are supposed to feel like we, ourselves, have been on the journey. That we, as slaves, are leaving Egypt (and all that represents), carrying all that we are and have into the desert.  Historically, for me,...

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March Shows Rescheduled

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of our March shows are being rescheduled.  Our Shabbat, sponsored by Elie Hirschfeld Foundation, at CBST in NYC will now be on May 8th.Our concert in Rockville, Maryland will now be on June 14th. New dates...

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Independent Music Awards Fan Voting

Friends, some incredible news to share:  our new original music on "Believe" is an entrant in The 18th Independent Music Awards!The nominees will be announced at the end of March, but until March 6th only, supporters and fans can also vote and make...

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Elie Hirschfeld Sponsorship Announcement

Friends, I send blessings to you, in all corners of the world!It's been more than two years since the allegations against my father resurfaced and the #MeToo era began. I have had the opportunity to share publicly on these issues in the Times of Israel which...

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UJA MLK Concert

Dearest friends,This past Sunday was a magical day to be a Jew in New York. The rally that gathered over 25,000 people to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and reject hate of all kinds, especially anti-Semitism, was nothing short of heroic and magnificent. It is...

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URJ Announcement

Hello and happy December, friends! I am thrilled and honored to share that next Wednesday night, on December 11th from 8:30 pm -10:45 pm, I will be appearing at the URJ Biennial in an event called "Believe:  Moving Forward in the #MeToo Era." I will be presenting...

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Believe Jewelry for the Holidays

Dear Friends, I'm thrilled to be getting back on the road with the Believe tour! At shows and online, we've been getting such beautiful feedback about our new line of Believe jewelry that I wanted to share with you the backstory for the...

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Fall 2019 Believe Tour

Friends, I send so much love to you all. After the last email I sent, the one where I shared that my son and I were in a car accident, I received literally hundreds of beautiful responses.  I am moved to my core, truly.  I hope to continue to answer everyone...

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Birthday and High Holiday Renewal

Dearest Friends, In early September my son and I were involved in a really terrible car accident.  The person in the oncoming lane made a hard left at full speed right into us.  Miraculously, my son was FINE, which is the most important piece of...

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“Believe” Jewelry Announcement

Friends, as we approach this gorgeous moment of renewal and return, I send prayers for peace and fulfillment in your lives. Releasing a recording of original music and redefining the way I see myself have changed my life. The title track "Believe" has...

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June 2019 Update

Hello friends! I hope all is awesome in your worlds! In my quest to stay connected to you all, I am trying a new format! Please write to me (I mean it!) and let me know how you feel about receiving more of these kinds of casual emails from me. Also, most important,...

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“Believe” Now Available for Preorder!

Dearest Friends, Here I stand at a new doorway, in the light, free.  This past year has changed me. I am grateful for the lessons, for the tears, for the growth, for the music that poured through my heart. It is with great joy that I announce the release of my tenth...

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My Sisters, I Hear You!

Originally published by

My friends, I humbly come before you. I am grateful to have this privilege to share what I hope will be a contribution to the conversation we are now engaged in in this moment of transformation.

I acknowledge that who I am – my very name – might make it hard to receive anything I might wish to offer. Still, our tradition teaches us that silence is consent, and I cannot remain silent in the face of so much pain.

My sisters, I hear you. I cry with you. I walk with you. I will stand with you until that day when the world commits to healing and wholeness for all, for the countless women who have suffered the evils of sexual harassment and assault.

I pledge to walk through this narrow-bridge world with you, listening to your hearts, hearts that sing with pain and strength, resilience and passion, feelings that resonate to Heaven as loudly as any song I’ve ever sung.

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Love Wins!

It is with great joy and excitement that I announce my engagement to Rabbi Menachem Creditor!!

After a life journey filled with twists and turns, I have finally found my true companion and soulmate. I am so, so very blessed.

Our five gorgeous children, Menachem, and I are walking on air. We hope to eventually respond to every email, text, and post individually. In the meantime, please know we celebrate your beautiful responses and thank you for the blessings and good wishes. We are receiving all your love and sending it right back to you

We learn that we all cry with one-half of our hearts and laugh with the other half. Joy and sorrow are forever one. As we celebrate now, I also acknowledge that this month marked 23 years since my beautiful father zt’l left the world. 

This year, for the second year in a row, my closest loves/girlfriends/soul sisters, came to New York from all across the country to surround me with song. I am grateful beyond words for their presence in my life, for our sisterhood that transcends time and space, for the strong musical force we are together, for our expansive hearts, and for the way we love each other.

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Time for Transcendent Change


I hope that your summer has been sweet and that you and your loved ones are well.

According to tradition, we learn that as we spiritually prepare for the New Year, we have the opportunity to create deep, magical and transcendent changes in our own lives. And so, In that spirit, I am proud to share an important shift in my life with all of you.

With the encouragement and support of beloved friends and family, I have been handling practically every aspect of my business on my own since my father passed away. I am both overwhelmed by and deeply proud of the success I have achieved.

Now, after one of the most successful years of my work (so far), for the first time in my career, I have decided to work with and be represented by a music agency.

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The Lingering Joy

My dear friends, I hope you are all well and happy.

As we are still breathing in the lingering joy of Purim, I wanted to share the piece I wrote last year at this time.

The response I received to that newsletter was overwhelming; truly the pain we each can carry is unfathomable. Deborah Green, again I want to acknowledge you publicly for your ongoing bravery and strength. You inspire me and encourage me to speak my deepest truth aloud. I am forever thankful for that gift and for you.

Today, just one Purim later, our world has shifted so dramatically. My father’s mission to see, to make space for, heal, hear and embrace every human has never echoed more loudly in my heart and mind. He taught us that as we laugh with one-half of our hearts, we often cry with the other. The quest for joy is never simple, even on the happiest day of the year. I pray this teaching from my father opens your heart and that his melodies, influence and gigantic, expansive heart continue to be ever-present in this world.

And, as we continue experiencing both laughter and tears, I am thrilled to share my new website with you.

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May We Stand as One

Today, as so many of us we are filled with uncertainty and fear, at this moment of transition in the American Presidency, here is my prayer.

May we Stand as One.

May we be joyous, whole, holy and free.

May we live, bring, and breathe love, more love than ever before.

May we sing and pray with all that we are, loud enough for the whole world to hear, but soft enough to hear the Angels join us.

I love you so very much.

Good Shabbos,

“The most thunderous sound in the universe is not the attacks from our enemies but the agonizing, poisonous silence of our friends.”

-Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

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