September 11, 2020


It is an honor for me to share the link to the conversation last Thursday, “Reframing Carlebach,” created with integrity and strength by the Cantor’s Assembly.  Please click here to read an article about the discussion by Alix Wall which was just published in the Forward.  

I am overwhelmed by the responses I receive to conversations and workshops like these that I’ve participated in, both now and over the years. Some of you wrote beautiful, supportive emails that brought me to tears (thank you!). Some expressed disappointment and even fury through aggressive and heated emails. It is indicative, to me, of deep feelings, opinions and reactions, that are sometimes complicated to navigate. I know because I also experience a wide range of emotions and thoughts on this topic.

However, please remember: I am not my father. I will never be and don’t wish to be. Some of you know me personally, many of you do not. I have opened myself to this discourse with hope and determination, but I am not willing to be a target for anger. After many years of this kind of social media experience, I’ve decided that if I receive hostile comments and posts, I will simply remove your email address from this list and block you on social media. There is room for discourse and different opinions, not for antagonism and nastiness. 

I will try to respond to your notes, but, if I do not, please know I read every single one. The Cantor’s Assembly will be convening other conversations about #MeToo and my father and I hope you will consider joining us there. Please also join the Facebook page to communicate with others on this topic and receive our updates.  

In these days of pandemic and challenge, it is a true honor to sing with so many communities around the world at this time. I’m thrilled to share that I will be leading High Holiday prayers, virtually, with Rabbi Jeff Salkin for Temple Israel of West Palm Beach, Florida. I will also be present via Zoom with the Temple Israel community for all the Shabbatot leading up to the Holidays in Elul. I look forward to singing and davening with you and welcoming in this complex and important New Year, in this critical moment. Truly I believe that we have space to hold it all, especially when we continue to sing…

With love, support and great hope,

For information on upcoming virtual appearances, please click here.