Friends, I send so much love to you all.

After the last email I sent, the one where I shared that my son and I were in a car accident, I received literally hundreds of beautiful responses.  I am moved to my core, truly.  I hope to continue to answer everyone personally, slowly.  I’m still recovering from whiplash and a concussion, so please forgive the pace.  I have read and reread your words and have received great strength from you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you..

Our time in LA was just glorious and I am thrilled to be returning to Stamford, Connecticut this coming Shabbat!  I will participate in the Shabbat service on Friday night and speak after on Choosing Joy.  On Saturday night, my band and I will perform an unplugged concert, including many selections from our newest release “Believe.”  Our new jewelry line and music will also be sold at the concert!

Our schedule for the next weeks is below,  and the “Believe” tour will continue into 2020.  We can’t wait to see you soon!

With love and gratitude for you all,

November 1- Shabbat in Stamford, 7:30 pm
November 2 – Stamford, 8:00 pm
December 2 – Philadelphia, 7:00 pm 
December 6 – Rye, NY 7:30 pm

December 8 – Clark, NJ, 4:00 pm
December 15 – White Plains, NY, 3:00 pm