Dearest friends,

This past Sunday was a magical day to be a Jew in New York. The rally that gathered over 25,000 people to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and reject hate of all kinds, especially anti-Semitism, was nothing short of heroic and magnificent. 

It is tragic that it was necessary.  

UJA-Federation brought the entire community together: Jews of all backgrounds and non-Jewish allies of all kinds. They marched, sang, and demanded a better world for our children. I am so very proud…

UJA has always stood for our People and on behalf of all people. It is with great pride that I stand with UJA – with all my heart – to try and do my part to create the change that is so needed. Next week, on Thursday,1/16/20, UJA and Stephen Wise Free Synagogue will be co-sponsoring a concert in NYC where I’ll be joined by my incredible band and gospel choir in honor of Martin Luther King Junior Day.  Please click here for more details.

The magnificent Dr. King and his dear friend Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marched in Selma across a bridge, bringing their communities together in the face of great hatred. I invite you all to join with me, my soul brother Pastor Milton Vann and UJA in crossing the bridge and divide that is before us all.   

May 2020 be a year of progress, positive change, joy, peace, abundance, inspiration and deep safety for everyone, without exception. 

With love and great hope,

P.S. Please click here to read my most recent piece, published in The Times of Israel

I was moved to share reflections from my heart two years after I first commented on the allegations against my father. What a journey it has been, I’m grateful for every single piece of it.

I’m also grateful to Avi Katz for this beautiful and soulful illustration.