Hello and Happy New Year, friends!

Every day and every moment we are alive is a new beginning. As we turn and turn again into a new cycle, as we look at our world there are always reasons to be sad and frustrated. But, if we can refocus our attention, I believe there are so many things to be grateful for.

I feel immensely proud of and grateful for so much. In this past year:

I have been blessed to once again experience the life that I love. I traveled internationally again, I renewed and rekindled some deep and meaningful relationships, and I connected with new friends and cultivated friendships with people who enrich my life.

I’ve reflected on my life, my childhood, and my family in a nearly-completed memoir, tentatively titled My Name, My Voice – A Memoir of Healing and Believing. My literary agent will be helping me to publish my story and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

I had the breathtaking honor of leading a community in prayer together with Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg, a great teacher and friend, at The Glen Rock Jewish Center in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Standing and leading High Holiday services beside her opened the gates of my heart in a way I cannot explain – even now. How incredible it felt to be in that role, continuing my family legacy of nurturing prayer, meaning, and joy.

I’ve had the privilege and honor of learning more about my mother as she shares her stories, her history, her photos, and her heart with me more deeply every day. I am the luckiest daughter. May we be blessed to hold our families close.

I’ve had the privilege to create music together with my children. To witness my sons feel the music of our family and also acknowledge their unique gifts as they embark on their own artistic journeys is simply divine. I am so very proud of them. Click here to experience a recent duet performance.

I’ve had the gift becoming even closer to my soulmate, my Menachem. We walk, we dance in the kitchen, we learn Torah, we laugh. I never knew I could be this fulfilled and happy.

What are your greatest blessings? What were some of your best moments of 2022? Please choose to share with the ones you love and with the world. Post happy, random, and reflective thoughts as we walk into 2023 so that we can all learn from and celebrate each other.

May 2023 bring blessing wholeness, joy, stillness, laughter and meaning for our world. May we continue to heal and grow and change. May we access our best selves and inspire our beloveds to do the same.

I hope and pray to see you and sing with you one day soon.
With all my heart,Neshama