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Neshama in Concert!

Backed by her band of incredible musicians – and recently featuring her sons! – Neshama will create a fabulous night of spirituality and fantastic music. The concert consists of classics you will sing along with and original music that will fill your heart for days to come. Neshama explains the deeper meanings of the Hebrew songs – the music and message transcend any language barrier. People of all backgrounds will feel included and come away transformed. Neshama’s poignant ballads and uplifting melodies will inspire audiences worldwide to sing, dance, and open their hearts.    

Living Authentically Within and Between Jewish Worlds  

Explore the challenges and opportunities of encountering and celebrating diverse Jewish environments and moments in time. Neshama will share stories, experiences, and artist/musical expression to inspire us to cultivate our authentic voices and souls in these sacred spaces through the lens of Torah learning. 

Scholar in Residence Workshops

Join Neshama for a musical or a cappella Shabbat, holiday or high holiday service, filled with uplifting, soulful melodies. Throughout Shabbat services and havdalah, Neshama will speak on various topics, often in collaboration with community leaders, creating a meaningful environment where spirituality and ritual are accessible and relevant. Neshama’s transformational programs are an incredible addition to spiritual events and curricula worldwide, designed for participants of all backgrounds, faiths, and age groups. On these weekends, your community will have the special opportunity to interact with Neshama on a personal level, inspiring a deeper connection to both Shabbat and themselves. 

#M​​eToo Workshops

In collaboration with professionals in your community, Neshama leads empowering conversations relating to issues arising out of the #MeToo movement. Her leadership in this conversation emerged because of the allegations against her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and as part of the #MeToo movement’s birth in 2017. Although her father died in 1994, Neshama became the target of “cancel culture” and aggression that affected her personally and professionally. She has, through her essays and intentional dialogues with other women affected by abuse and assault, dedicated the next segment of her life’s work toward facilitating healing in the face of sexual assault. This workshop is offered to young adults and adults of all genders and backgrounds. The content will be carefully crafted together with community leaders and appropriately attuned to the audience’s well-being. 

Private Events 

Imagine a candlelit room filled with your most beloved friends and/or community supporters. Sweet treats, warm conversation, singing, dancing, laughter, and healing tears. Neshama and her musicians will speak to your hearts with songs and stories, creating an experience you will never forget. Neshama sings in private homes and larger venues in honor of special occasions – no audience is too big or too small.

Neshama’s Interfaith Concert

Neshama’s collaboration with Pastor Milton Vann’s Gospel choir is soul-stirring. The ecstatic music, combined with excellent vocal and instrumental musicianship, will inspire and uplift your community. This bridge-building event brings people of all faiths, backgrounds, and perspectives together. Communities worldwide are embracing this unique opportunity to open their doors to all neighbors and create new relationships. Neshama will bring her musical heart to yours. The coming together of words and worlds will inspire your audience to love and connect more deeply.  

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