December 11, 2020


I send love and hope, to all far and wide corners of our world.

In this very different year, holidays and celebrations have felt so extra strange. I feel I’m still recovering from the sadness of being physically separated from community for the High Holidays. I’m still feeling the longing for an in-person Thanksgiving with my family.

But, Chanukah seems to make sense to me in these pandemic days. This holiday feels relevant and relatable, this year more than before. Winning the war, all those thousands of years ago, was a miracle that no one understood, and yet the Maccabees were victorious. They trudged home, barely alive, barely making it, only to find that they didn’t have enough oil to keep the light burning (such a deep metaphor…). And somehow, even with their doubts, even in pain, in the cold, their spirits triumphed. They pulled through, with added measures of holiness and hope to share.

And now, this week, in the midst of our moment, we might feel similarly. It’s shocking but true: we are more powerful than we’ve known. Even when we feel broken in half, in sorrow and grief and fear, we are here, capable of creating new beginnings. As the days grow shorter and colder, it can feel so easy to give up and to feel, legitimately, that we are at the end of our strength. So friends, I’m praying so deeply that the miracles of this time of year also become part of our story, part of your story. The story of victory that we share with our children, that one day they will share with theirs, is one of triumph and rededication. We will emerge. We will find what we need. We will be ok.

I feel so blessed that my work has been helpful and comforting to so many of you in this time. I’m humbled, honored, moved to tears for the gift of being present with communities around the world, teaching and singing, sharing a message that has inspired me to believe again and again. I invite you visit our website for music and our line of “Believe” jewelry that is created with the intent to inspire. And if you purchase something, please send me a picture! I would love to see your face!

These days may find us tired, perhaps lonely. So let’s rededicate ourselves to finding each other. I encourage you to zoom into a life moment that brings joy. Find an event or a quiet moment to share with someone you love, a zoom dinner or shared quiet-time. It might not be everything we need, but I believe these practices help.

Below is a flyer with my upcoming virtual events. Click here for the links. You are invited to every one of them. If you have trouble connecting for any reason, please reach out. We are here to help!

I’m sending love to you all.

May the universe continue to open our hearts and show us that miracles are possible.

Happy Chanukah, Good Shabbos,

Yours always,