My dear friends, I hope you are all well and happy.

As we are still breathing in the lingering joy of Purim, I wanted to share the piece I wrote last year at this time.

The response I received to that newsletter was overwhelming; truly the pain we each can carry is unfathomable. Deborah Green, again I want to acknowledge you publicly for your ongoing bravery and strength. You inspire me and encourage me to speak my deepest truth aloud. I am forever thankful for that gift and for you.

Today, just one Purim later, our world has shifted so dramatically. My father’s mission to see, to make space for, heal, hear and embrace every human has never echoed more loudly in my heart and mind. He taught us that as we laugh with one-half of our hearts, we often cry with the other. The quest for joy is never simple, even on the happiest day of the year. I pray this teaching from my father opens your heart and that his melodies, influence and gigantic, expansive heart continue to be ever-present in this world.

And, as we continue experiencing both laughter and tears, I am thrilled to share my new website with you.

This new site mirrors and reflects what is truly a new beginning in my own life, personally and professionally. I have, with great excitement, returned to touring and singing after a break of several years. I am grateful for your support and for the love I have felt from a distance. I wake up every day filled with purpose and gratitude. I feel the energy that joins my heart and mission with my holy father’s and carries through, palpably, to my precious sons. Despite the aching, deep sorrow in our world, I sing knowing that the true joy of Purim actually exists.

Dear friends, may we find the strength to speak our truths aloud, to begin again (and again), to work to heal the pain of this world, and to smile through the tears. The time to break down the walls and to joyously love every human being has come. The time to find happiness is now, no need to wait for next Purim… 😉

With love, hope, faith and joy from snowy NY,